Hello Friends!

It is with much anticipation and joy that this post comes to you, in January of this year a new pendant design was birthed in Jay & I’s heart and we would now like to share it with you…
The Belovedâ„¢ Pendant

We call it “Beloved”. It has been created with the intent to call Jews and Christians alike to remember, help and pray for Israel.
The symbols and their interpretations…

– It looks like a coin, to remind us that our physical acts of charity are thoroughly spiritual, and includes the following symbols and words:

– Star of David (magen david) to recall the Shield (magen) that God is to His people (Gen. 15.1; Deut. 33.29; 2 Sam 22.3)

– Gold flame to represent the light that the Jewish people are called to be among, and to, the nations (Isaiah 42.6), as well as representing the continual light (ner tamid) on the Menorah that was to always burn in the Temple as commanded by God. This light served as a reminder of God’s presence among the Jewish people.

– Words above flame are Hebrew, they read

Zikaron Tzedakah,
“A Memorial [of] Righteousness”

Zikaron (Masculine) – reminder or memorial.
Tzedakah (Feminine) – righteousness, charity, or saving deeds.
It is written in both Masculine and Feminine forms to express the complete Love of the Father, which is that same love that we, too, are to have. We translated it on the back of the pendant as “A Memorial [of] Righteousness” so you will have a reminder of what the Hebrew on the front expresses should you ever misplace the booklet that comes with it.

To learn and see more of our new Beloved pendant you can see close up photos and read our story of how it came about on our website dedicated just for that purpose at http://www.yadid.org/ ~ You may recall several months ago I mentioned to you we found it in our dreams… Baruch HaShem ! (Bless His Name!)

Let us remember those, whom He hasn’t forgotten, let us pray, let us share, and let us humbly lift them up and tend to their wounds.