God’s Word is a beautiful, beautiful gift.

Did you know that the word “grace” that we learn and see of God in the New Testament is often missed in the Old Testament because it is more often translated as the words “mercy” or “lovingkindness”.

I’ve heard it said otherwise though. That this lack of the word “grace” in the O.T. was for a different reason, that it was because Jesus, (Yeshua in Hebrew) brought grace and God the Father brought law. But, it turns out, God doesn’t have a split personality.

Grace, mercy and lovingkindness have always been His way. Just as it is any good parent’s when instructing their children in what is best for them.

When Jesus came, He made God famous. He made His character famous; a God full of compassion. He is called, “a father to the fatherless, a defender of widows” (Psalm 68:4-5)

Now comes our part. What are we, His people, His children called? Do we bear His likeness? More than we know.

As I contemplate the love of God and how to live in this way He desires: doing justice, loving mercy and walking humbly with Him (Micah 6:8) I am guided through the “mundane” of life in the gentlest of fashions by being allowed to “do life” with my children. I wrote a little about it on my personal blog yesterday if you are interested in reading more.

It is true: the kingdom of heaven belongs to these. (Matt.19:14)

In God’s tenderness, He is ready and willing to answer our slightest turning toward Him.

What parent is not touched by a child’s willingness to learn, to be taught. How much more so our Father in heaven? And maybe, that could teach us something about this humility God desires too? Maybe that would change a world. It sure does affect mine.

As people who care for the persecuted, I recognize you as people who see the love of God as a sometimes complicated and un-tame thing. You are a people who are willing to sit with questions and tensions and still seek first the kingdom of God. Bless you for that and thank you for being here.

Read more here about how I am learning about the love of God through my children’s eyes on the “normal days”. The more we know about, and rest in, His love, the more we will know how to love like Him.

Seeking to know Him more, with you today,

P.S. A favorite song I’d love to share with you today. Listen for free. The Love of God, by Rich Mullins

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