Happy New Year Friends!

It’s been a slow start for this blog, but I am glad to have it and thank those of you who have subscribed.
I hope to write words of worth – faith, hope and love. A large aspect of the gap since I last wrote was due
to our family and ministry moving across the country. We are now Ohio based, and thanking God for it!
We are especially thankful to finally be getting settled again. As one of our sons enjoys reporting
to nearly everyone he meets, “We were packing and packing and PACKING AND PACKING! and then we drove
and drove and DROVE! And then WOOP! We were here! In Ohio!” I think I can speak for everyone in the family
when I say we relate to his narrative, only wish I experienced more of that “woop!” feeling! 🙂 He makes it sound
so fun! and easy! 🙂 Ha, ha.. Actually we had tons of help and were blessed with a great moving experience, even
if it did feel like we were packing and packing and PACKING! ….

December 2005/January 2006 marks 7 years since The Martyrs’ Cross was born, and as it was Ohio where
that event took place, so it seems to be a good point of return for us, a sense of a phase of completion and new
beginnings all at once. Thank you Lord, and thanks to everyone who has journeyed with us. The news we receive
back from the fields is exciting and a joy to us, please keep them coming! We really love to hear from you, and
are continuously encouraged by the effectualness of praying. God is faithful!

From the original small batch of 20 to now nearing 5000 world wide, The Martyrs’ Cross remains a symbol of
remembrance and prayer. Lets keep praying. Is there a better call, a more worthy example than that of our Lord who,

“In the days of His flesh, He offered up both both prayers and supplications with loud crying and tears to the One able to save…”?
– Hebrews 5:7(a)NASV

May the symbol of TMC always point us all back to Him and never anything less. May we know our prayers are significant, desired, needed and of great worth.


P.S… Stay tuned, this year Jay has a new design we’ll be telling you all about soon. We found it in our dreams! God is so neat.