Many of us will read the story or remember the story of Squanto and the Pilgrims today. In the quiet moment perhaps the still small voice, will whisper our significance in the now as well. But can we believe it? Us? Called to be a Squanto “at such a time as this”?

A neighbor, a family member – someone could see the faithfulness of God through us today. The expression of this will be as varied as the number of stars in the universe, all for God’s delight and possibly in our total unawareness.

My son was helping me in the kitchen a few days ago and his particular job was to slice up a bell pepper. I had not considered it was his first time doing so and was as astonished at his exclamation as he was at his discovery… it was empty!

With wild wonder he asked me what could have happened?! Even concern that maybe he had done something wrong. I quickly relieved him and our laughter was full.

Isn’t that how it is sometimes though. We can be so unaware that even emptiness is meant to be sometimes. God’s creation and process of creation in us. He looks and sees perfect. He enjoys. Hopefully we don’t miss out on the enjoyment too, or the chance to be “Squanto”.

“Give yourself fully to God. He will use you to accomplish great things on the condition that you believe much more in His love than in your own weakness.” ~ Mother Theresa

Happy Thanksgiving Friends!
Jay & Raynna

P.S. Check out singer/songwriter Christa Wells song, “How Emptiness Sings”.