Many, in Islam, are saying that their “recent” hostility is because of the Jewish people. They also blame it on the “crusaders” (American aggression).

But what about those Christians in Islamic countries who are just trying to eke out a life in safety and in worship of the One they believe lived 2000 years ago. What about those who haven’t raised their fists (or voices for that matter) in defiance of Mohammed or Islam. Instead they are doing everything they can just to maintain life where their families have lived for (in some cases) generation-upon-generation? What have they done?

Sadly, they are seen as instruments that will hurt the “outsiders” and therein lies the crunch. Because the West is called, “Christian” (propaganda) those who hate us find the nearest Christian(s) and beat them or burn their houses of worship. It is because the name of Christ ties us. They are beaten, but, too often, we feel no pain.

Are we at fault for their suffering? No, we are at fault for missing their suffering – for not suffering with them, in prayer. We did not cause it; Islam would find some other excuse to torture them. What we did cause was that they aren’t remembered in our worship times or in our prayers. We forgot them. May God have mercy and grant us times of remembrance.

I recently ran across an article that I want to share with you here.