Yesterday was Shine a Light on Slavery Day. If you logged on to any social media your feeds were likely scattered with hands displaying a red X — a symbol of solidarity that as a generation, we will work and pray for the end of slavery. Awesome. Now let’s take the next step.

Three Tools For You Today:

  1. Sign this Petition. The End Modern Slavery Initiative Act could change everything.
    Right now, the United States has the chance to launch a massive global initiative to end slavery. To get started, our elected officials need to know you care about people trapped in slavery and you want the U.S. to take action. More info in link above.
  2. Watch this Trailer of a film about the persecuted Church in the Muslim World.
    This is about HOPE. God is doing amazing things in the Muslim world. On March 13th, Sheep Among Wolves will be simulcasting as a free online event. Click on these highlighted words and our good friends at Spirit of Martyrdom will provide all you need. This is a FREE online event, to experience the persecuted Church in the Muslim World in action.
    Sheep Among Wolves Trailers 3
    from Spirit of Martyrdom on Vimeo.
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I am the co-founder of The Martyrs’ Cross ministry, alongside my husband Jay, the designer of this symbol, a prayer tool, that we WEAR around our necks to remember persecuted followers of Jesus, and their persecutors—around the world—in prayer and loving action. Some people call it jewelry, and that’s alright, but to us—it’s more. To us, it’s a WAY. The Martyrs’ Cross is a message we wear around our hearts and minds. Worn in over 26 nations, the message is clear: we will not forget.

The Martyrs Cross

By God’s grace and with a commitment to believing in His faithfulness: we will fight for awareness for all of us in the midst of a culture of distraction. When life gets crushing, we will remember how Jesus suffered and as 1 Peter 4:13 (MSG) says “be glad that you are in the very thick of what Christ experienced. This is a spiritual refining process, with glory just around the corner.”

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The tools and writing we provide will point to the Author and Finisher of our faith, a reminder for you and a sign for others.  We bring awareness and remembrance of those who are unjustly treated and persecuted for their faith.

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