Welcome to Spring 2016 friends. What an over-flowing treasure we have to share in everyday the faith of those who have gone before us.

“From now on a fire burned within us, as it did in the disciples on the road to Emmaus. ‘Snowflakes cannot fall on a hot stove,’ says an Indian proverb. The coldness of this world could no longer harm us, although we had to pass through bitter times.”
― Richard Wurmbrand, Christ on the Jewish Road

This year we are celebrating 17 years of God taking the tool of The Martyrs’ Cross and making it into a worldwide symbol of prayer for His persecuted body. This symbol is powerful in what God has done with it to express and strengthen our hearts as His disciples in over 26 nations and growing, around the world. We are thankful!

We are also deeply grateful for the way this has allowed us to be in contact with such a loving group of disciples of Jesus. We LOVE and appreciate your passion for living and wearing the message and way of Messiah Jesus.


We are excited about all that God is doing in the world and how many hearts burn with love for our Father in heaven. To come along side God’s work in your life we typically send out one article a week and one prayer for the persecuted for us all to join in together.

This next week, however, we’d also like to send a gift package to one of you that will include: a Martyrs’ Cross, a copy of my prayer book and another book with stories of modern-day disciples loving God with their lives for your en-couragement.

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We appreciate you each,

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The Martyrs’ Cross is a prayer tool, that we WEAR around our necks to remember persecuted followers of Jesus, and their persecutors—around the world—in prayer and loving action. Some people call it jewelry, and that’s alright, but to us—it’s more. To us, it’s a WAY. The Martyrs’ Cross is a message we wear around our hearts and minds. Worn in over 26 nations, the message is clear: we will not forget.

The Martyrs Cross