The symbols and design of The Martyrs’ Cross:

fish: Christian Symbol Used by Early Underground & Persecuted Church

thorns: Remember Christ , His Persecuted Body

spike: Pray for the Persecutor.

The points on this cross might pierce you. It is not a comfortable cross. Just as our persecuted brothers & sisters are not living in comfort. It has been designed to literally spur you on to love – good deeds & prayer.

You can Purchase a cross for yourself or friend, or sponsor a cross here.

What is a Martyr?

A Christain Martyr is one who chooses death, discomfort,or loss rather than to deny Jesus as Messiah or His Word; giving up all to know Him and the power of His resurrection and the fellowship of His sufferings. (See Philippians 3:10)

In some lands there’s an obvious physical battle manifested of the spiritual battle being waged. In some lands it seems less obvious, perhaps because it is not labeled after the prevailing ideology of the day, doesn’t look like prison, or crucifixion. Yet, the truth is, that in every land the enemy of our souls is seeking to kill, steal, and destroy lives—and in every land we have family struggling to fight the same good fight.

The word “Martyr” is Greek, and it means witness—as we experience and partner with Jesus in His sufferings, past and present—it’s dark, like a womb, that in time, gives birth to life. Resurrection life after death and resurrection living now, can be experienced (witnessed) as we commune with Jesus in His sufferings, with His people in their present trials, as we pray for them and their persecutors and act on their behalf. Sabina Wurmbrand said, “It takes a martyr to make a martyr”. Jesus said to find your life you must loose it.

Since 1999 The Martyrs’ Cross has gone to Algeria, Iran, Pakistan, England, Siberia, Vietnam, Laos, Sudan, China, the Americas, Canada, India, Bolivia, Australia, Cuba, Ireland, Sri Lanka, Mexico, Iraq, Israel, North Korea, Indonesia, Ghana, Turkey, Palestine, Colombia, Saudi Arabia and other unknown destinations. In over 26 nations brothers and sisters on the front lines of physical persecution for their faith in Jesus have received Martyrs’ Crosses joyfully, often times tearfully, as they receive affirmation in this small gift that they are not alone, not unknown, not forgotten. Our offering is small, but our God is big.

You can Purchase a cross for yourself or friend, or sponsor a cross here.