I wondered tonight if it might be of interest to share with you a journal entry I made during part of the process of finishing the writing of Beloved Prayers this summer. (The whole book took me five years.) Do you ever struggle to keep your attention focused when you come to prayer? This was only one such occasion for me.

August, 2020: A strange thing just happened.
Jealousy, while writing a Beloved Prayer. A veil lifted, where I saw my own heart. I wondered, why
now? I wanted to be frustrated and feel incapable of completing this goal. But I knew something immediately that I don’t want to forget: this did not come for me to turn away, but to turn my heart more deeply toward God. I could have seen what was in my heart at any random moment, but here in this place there is an immediate thing to do about it. I am here in the place of prayer, and the truth is I always am. Struggle didn’t come to turn me away, struggles don’t come to turn us away. They come for us to turn toward. Maybe that’s the only reason?

When my spirit faints within me, you know my way!
In the path where I walk… Psalm 142:3(a)

As noted in the title of this post, I do have another recording of a prayer for you this week. This comes from Beloved Prayers, prayer one. Thank you for joining me.

Father in Heaven, Beloved Prayers: A Martyr’s Cross Prayer Book for the Persecuted

With you in prayer,
Raynna, for the whole gang

P.S. Please share with anyone else you know who has a heart for the persecuted. Thank you.

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