Hello Everyone,

I’ve been contemplating Jeremiah 22:16 speaking of King Josiah when it says,”‘He defended the cause of the poor and needy, and so all went well. Is that not what it means to know Me?’ declares the Lord.” or as another version puts it, “Isn’t that what knowing Me is all about?” Pretty loaded “question” huh? You could go in alot of directions with it I’m sure.

The question that crossed my mind next was, “Who are the poor and weak?”. Are there some who are more “poor and weak” than others? Do you know what I mean? How do you measure that? There are the poor in Bangladesh because they have claimed Christ and have been ostracized from their community – therefore forced to be poor as well as “weak” to be able to do anything on their own behalf. There’s the poor on the streets of Kansas City, the border of Israel and Lebanon and every other corner of the world. Do you ever deal with the weighty question “Who do I help? Where do I serve?” and in result do nothing, overwhelmed by all the needs? Some of us have even come to question their focus on the persecuted, wondering if maybe they should actually be thinking more of (fill in the blank), because there are just SO many needs. Yes, there are…there are so many needs. If this is or has ever been you…

You and only you have a unique part and place, that only you can fill. Focus and dedication to that part is not wrong, it’s intended.

Check out I Chronicles 9, at first it’s easy to get caught up in all the names, how to pronounce them, etc. but then realize what you’re reading is a list of parts… all the different peoples different parts – of SERVICE! Praise God! Some were in charge of the articles used for service, others in charge of the equipment, holy utensils, fine flour, the wine, the olive oil, the frankincense and spices. Some mixed together the ingredients for the perfumes, another was in charge of baking operations, some in charge of preparing the showbread every Shabbat (Sabbath). There were the singers…I could go on and on.

We each have our part and in order for it all to work together we need to be faithful to our part. If we’re all doing the same thing much will go undone. Simple maybe, but don’t the simplest truths unlock our souls sometimes? A lot of us would agree with what I just wrote, but not practice it and these thoughts of doubt and belittlement fill our minds from the enemy, telling us intercession is a small thing or that if we can’t help a lot of missions and not just one then we’re failing and might as well not even try.

The more we know the Scriptures, the more we’ll see His heart and His big picture and be safe from the lies of the enemy. We’ll see each of our roles for the vital part that they are. We’ll see the hurting ones on our hearts are the ones on His heart – and yes, that prayer is no small thing.

Pray now to be close to His heart. We are so safe there and we’ll find our place so clearly.

With love and appreciation that you took the time to hear what’s on this heart. May He fill you with the knowledge of His love and unique purpose just for you in this world, to the praise of His awesome glory… amen.