It is really such a joy to my heart to be writing to so many of like mindedness and heart!
Thank you so much for taking the time to read what’s on our heart. We hope to hear
from you also! That is always such a treasure to us!
I was just sending a short note out with a Martyrs’ Cross this evening and
found myself repeating once again something Jay & I both know to be so true. We are
just beyond blessed to be apart of the ministry the Lord has given us. He did not give it to
us because we are “Good Pray-er’s”, He gave it to us in His love & mercy, teaching us so
much a long the way. We are HONORED to serve Him and His persecuted body WITH you,
along side you in Christ and in His power! We pray you will be blessed and God will be
truly praised as you wear The Martyrs’ Cross pendant, worn by our persecuted family in over 19
nations! Praise His Name!

With Much Love, Joy & Thanks!

‘He upheld the cause of the poor and the weak,
so everything went well. Isn’t that what knowing Me
is all about?’ Says Adonai” – Jeremiah 22:16

Lord, we want to know You, Your heart!