Today marks the second day of the Counting of the Omer. A Biblical tradition (Lev. 23:15) that leads the journeyer from Passover to Pentecost. Forty-nine days of anticipation.

Here’s a neat quote from Keren Hannah Pryor’s book, “Taste of Torah”:  pg. 146 & 147

“This period of ‘counting the Omer’ links the celebration of God’s redemption of His people to the commemoration of His revelation to us of His Presence and His Word at Sinai.

To establish a marriage covenant in ancient times, once the bride was chosen the prospective groom paid her father the required ‘ bride- price’. At Pesach (Passover) the precious blood of the Lamb was shed and the great price was eternally paid for the Bride of Adonai (the Lord). The first stage of betrothal is accomplished.

The betrothal ceremony was conducted forty-nine days later, when the prospective groom presented his bride with a written marriage contract, a ketubah. Likewise, Shavuot (Pentecost) is the completion of the Exodus. The betrothal is sealed. “

I think this is so neat, so significant.

Keren goes on later to explain that this period of counting is a time of preparation and nurturing, of careful watching and anticipation of a special meeting with our Beloved, “…when we can offer Him the gift of the first fruits of our labors.” This time is an opportunity to pour out our love toward Him.

Travel on.