The article below and the title of this post come from a Bridges for Peace newsletter. We must continue to pray for the peace of Israel. We must continue to seek the God who created the Heavens and the Earth to move on behalf of Christians who are suffering because of their faith in Him:

Muslim fundamentalists, aligned with Al-Qaeda, bombed a Christian bookstore and two Internet cafes in Gaza on Saturday [April 14], following previous attacks on churches as part of its religious crusade to replace the secular Fatah faction.

The “Sword of Islam” terrorist group took responsibility for the bombings of Internet cafes and music stores, which they consider an offense to the Muslim religion because they represent Western society.

The same group has issued warnings to Gaza women not to hang out in Internet cafes. The Sword of Islam has bombed more than a dozen Internet cafes in several weeks and destroyed the vehicle of one young man who was playing his radio tape at high volume. It also ordered women to wear a full-face veil. Muslim courts in the Palestinian Authority [PA] increasingly operate as the moral authority over local areas, and one town in Samaria barred a music-and-dance festival.

The Muslim crusade has spread across the ocean to Minneapolis, Minnesota, where the local Community and Technology College last week was accused of promoting religion because it acceded to Muslim demands for foot-washing basins used by Muslims before prayers. The Minneapolis Star Tribune noted that the same college removed a coffee cart from the campus because it was playing music related to Christmas.

College president Phil Davis explained that the foot-washing basins were allowed because “it is like when someone comes to your home, you want to be hospitable.” When asked about the lack of a room for Christian prayers, he replied that the cafeteria served fish to Christians for Lent.

The Muslim activist organization on US campuses, the Muslim Student Association, tells its members, “As Muslims, we are a nation elected by God to lead humanity.” However, the Muslim crusade in Gaza works directly against Christians.

PA police two months ago seized the six-story Gaza Baptist Church as an observation deck in violent clashes against Hamas. Police broke windows and broke down a door after church officials refused to give them the key.

Several months ago, another Muslim group attacked seven Gaza churches, including a 1,400-year-old Greek Orthodox structure, after Pope Benedict stated that some of the teachings of the Muslim prophet Muhammad are “evil and inhuman.”

“Every place relevant to Christians will be a target,” said a statement from The Army of Guidance. In Kalkilya, adjacent to Kfar Saba, the local Young Men’s Christian Association headquarters was gutted by arsonists.

Muslims have become the majority in the formerly Christian cities of Nazareth and Bethlehem, where non-Muslims have suffered constant persecution and discrimination, causing a further exodus of Christians. Last year, Muslims went on a rampage against Christians in a Galilee town, setting cars and stores on fire.

(By Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu, Arutz Sheva, April 17, 2007)