“It is good to give thanks to Adonai
And sing praise to Your name O most High
To tell in the morning about your grace
And at night about Your faithfulness,…” Psalm 92:1-2
Today is the day! After three long years, and with deep gratefulness to God, we are happy to announce that The Martyrs’ Cross is once again being produced. We have a limited number ready now and Lord willing more ready to be shipped before the end of the year.

Some have asked us over the past three years, why did you quit?
The answer to that question is that we never quit, we did have to pause though. We had some things to learn before we could move forward. We’re pretty sure most of you will understand that statement. We’re still learning, we always will be, and we are more thankful for that than ever.

It is a gracious gift to us to be apart of what God has done with this small offering. In over 26 nations all over the world we are connected to family with this cross around their neck. It means something to them, and it means something to us.

We will not forget them.

Many of you who will receive this news today have stood with us in prayer for many years, thank you. You have told us your stories of what The Martyrs’ Cross has meant to you, thank you. From the unimaginable North Korea, to our loved ones dying of cancer, to our brothers whom the Lord called home sooner than we knew He would, to parents on the front line of the battle for discipleship of the next generation, to the backyard of The USA, in Columbia, where believers lay their life on the line every single day – by some wonderful act of God’s grace He has allowed this cross to, as a dear friend once said, “represent our hearts”, so many of our hearts. Thanks be to God.

So happy to announce today that you can once again purchase The Martyrs’ Cross for yourself or sponsor a cross to be given away to a persecuted Christian, to send the message that they are not forgotten, but remembered and prayed for. To do either, click here.


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