Just sending a quick note out to you all to let you know a deadline for May has been set for The Martyrs’ Cross Prayer Book. Would you all pray for us in this? Your companionship and support has always been deeply felt and helpful to us.

Also, we are in the beginning stages of potentially creating The Martyrs’ Cross Pendant again. Many of you are on the waiting list—if you are not yet and would like to be, please send me an email. As in the years past, it will be made in small batches.

Writing a book of prayers (for the second time now) is not something I ever planned or imagined. The impact on my own life has been absolute. It has lead me to consider the ancient roots of this thing called prayer. In Hebrew, prayer is “tefillah” and in Biblical tradition it has always been understood as communion, a joining together of mind and spirit, and introspection that results in bonding with our Creator, the way little children do with their parents.

This illuminates to me how praying for persecuted Christians is right and good and draws us close to the Father’s heart. He Who is good and draws close to the broken-hearted, also invites us to draw close to Him in remembering the hurting and unheard.

Jesus’ parting message to His disciples, that He would always be with them, that they will never be alone, nor forsaken, is our message to carry and give away as well.

A prayer we can all join in, in praying for the whole body of Christ today:

Our Father in Heaven, May Your Holy Spirit strengthen Your church—bring manifold revelation that in dying with You, we are raised with you. Please bring rich unearthing of our inheritance and strength and wisdom to persevere toward it. In Jesus’ name we pray.

Looking to Him with you, dear Martyrs’ Cross family,

Raynna, for the whole gang.

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