I’d been looking for The Place and then I found I’d been found. I was there. “I awoke in the house of God.” It’s where our inner soul awakes.

In all our glory or shame, our joy, pain and even our apathy: “prayer” is the place of being known and knowing the great I Am. A most holy place has been built within us, with as much detail as Solomon’s colonnade.

What is True
Simply by being, a fabric of life-song weaves in perfect unison with our daily duties, our jobs, our relationships—all of our lives, all the work of our hands, every day.

Our hearts brim over. We are full of hallelujahs, our sorrows, and our needs all pouring forth together.

Our life is an offerring, but who are we offering to?

Prayer is finding ourselves found, a place of awareness that all of this IS and all of who we are IS, whether we are aware of it or not.

What is Possible
The raw act of arriving to a place of prayer, coming before God and laying our hearts bare, is not a place where we need to worry for words or maps.

Our deepest heart needs can find language and roads. This is possible through the inner longing we know well. What we often don’t know is what it is there for.

We excuse longing and need as the result of our circumstances. Instead of holy dissatisfaction, we think we’re ungrateful. But it is a speech. Speech that wills to pour out with the force of water before our Creator.

Our tongues want to confess Adonai is, “holy, holy, holy”, in a language we don’t know but somehow we find we do, and always have. This is especially true through our heart ache and suffering.

When we simply know God is who He says He is — I AM, God with us — we are praying.

Waking in His house means this is possible even without understanding. He can wake us.

This is the home of the burning heart.
Here we find that we are known. We are seen and understood. We are called to intimacy and to intercession.

And it doesn’t end there, the whole of our lives is touched, bringing wholeness even within the burning.

The intimacy of our own souls connecting with God creates a deepened hunger and thirst. We hope and long for others to have the same.

Once we wake from our night, we know it’s the waking waiting for us all. No matter what we’re walking through, no matter where we’ve been, here we are.

So we pant and groan, in our inner person, after God like a deer for water. We know our soul and everyone else’s will be satisfied in Him alone. We come before Him with intent and we learn to call this place prayer. And there we live alive by calm and living waters no matter where we go.

What Doesn’t Matter Makes All the Difference

If what we knew or understood is what mattered then this would be our accomplishment and not God’s creation. This is all His: His wonder and His loving kindness. This is His invitation to our hungry hearts.

Some of us learn about prayer the other way around. It is often only a word before it becomes our life source. That can’t always be helped. But it is true that no matter where we start, we are ALL equipped to know the way to life with God. We are all invited to be containers of His springs of life.

What We Do

The miracle of the place of prayer is God’s. The choice to come and experience it is ours.

My Invitation To You
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Seeking the place called prayer, with you today,