Hope for Nigeria

The following article speaks of what seems to be a hopeless situation for our family in Nigeria. We must ask ourselves if where we live we were able to see a week’s time standing between us and our “religious freedom” what would we want? I truly believe the answer is faith-FUL prayer. We think we can see the full picture but guaranteed only He can. Let’s pray. Religious freedom at.. Read More


This Monday evening is the Eve of Passover. All over the world, observant Jews will be removing yeast from their homes in accordance with the scriptures. We, too, are commanded, by Paul, to keep the Festival of Passover and to remove the yeast of malice and wickedness. (1 Cor 5.6-8) As we remove yeast from our kitchens, lives, and hearts— let us remember. As we gather with families and friends—.. Read More

From Bridges for Peace:

Bethlehem Christians Appeal to “Deaf Ears” Bethlehem Christians have broken their silence over the crisis they face living in the birthplace of Jesus. The media story, written by senior journalist Khalid Abu Toameh, was published today [Thursday, January 25] by The Jerusalem Post. Last month, we reported the increased suffering the Christians were facing. International human rights lawyer Justus Weiner spoke about the nightlong threatening phone calls they received. “We.. Read More

O’ little town of Bethlehem…

how still we see thee lie… This line will soon have to change for our Brothers and Sisters fleeing Bethlehem. The body of Messiah in Bethlehem will, one day, no longer have a place to lay its head. According to Justus Reid Weiner: “Palestinian Christians have a higher rate of emigration compared to Palestinian Muslims and the Christian population of the West Bank and Gaza has plunged from about 20.. Read More

…we need to pray…

Hello Friends, The following excerpt was in my inbox this morning, felt impressed to pass it on: Raising the call for Christians to love our Muslim neighbors. Australia (MNN) — Two pastors in Australia are still awaiting the decision from the court of appeals. Under Victoria’s religious hatred law, Daniel Scot and Danny Nalliah were convicted of vilifying Muslims in a 2002 seminar about Islam. MNN had the opportunity to.. Read More

The Middle East’s Persecuted Christians

Many, in Islam, are saying that their “recent” hostility is because of the Jewish people. They also blame it on the “crusaders” (American aggression). But what about those Christians in Islamic countries who are just trying to eke out a life in safety and in worship of the One they believe lived 2000 years ago. What about those who haven’t raised their fists (or voices for that matter) in defiance.. Read More

The Religion of Tolerance

Any amount of reading about Islam and you will run into the statement that Islam is a Religion of Peace and that it is tolerant. I guess it all depends on what peace and tolerance means. Islam will be at peace when the world believes as it does and there is no one else to kill. Then it will tolerate whatever is said. Palestinians open fire inside Nablus church I.. Read More


Dear Friends, We are currently in the Jewish Month of Elul, annually a time of prayerful introspection of oneself before God. September 22nd begins what Jews call “The 10 days of awe”, the 10 days prior to the holiest day of the year, The Day of Atonement. It has been a spiritual treasure for me to learn about these practices and blessing to participate in cycles of examining my heart… Read More

Psalm 83

Psalm 83

With the war in the Middle East occurring and subsequently ending only days ago; I want to share a bit of news that few people realize happened close to the beginning of the war. A book was found. It wasn’t just any book, it was a special one, it was a prayer book. A book of Psalms. No, it wasn’t found in the Dead Sea desert. (Although, it does remind some of us of another similar find, albeit on a larger scale, only 58 years ago.) No, this find was found on the lofty island of Ireland. It was discovered in an bog, an ark made of peat moss.

Announcing our newest pendant, the “Beloved™”!

Hello Friends! It is with much anticipation and joy that this post comes to you, in January of this year a new pendant design was birthed in Jay & I’s heart and we would now like to share it with you… We call it “Beloved”. It has been created with the intent to call Jews and Christians alike to remember, help and pray for Israel. The symbols and their interpretations….. Read More