Christian Martyrs in Muslim Lands

After you have read the article, please take time to pray. As well as, look into the actions that you can do to raise awareness. They are our brothers and sisters troubled yet at peace, trembling yet unafraid, weak and yet strong….

Palestinian Christians

Recent events in Palestine have been disturbing. The Christian community has been in major decline in recent years and are being pushed out of areas that were once predominately Christian communities. Since the First Century there has always been a Christian presence in Israel/Palestine, but in recent years their communities have been taken over. Areas once Christian are now almost exclusively, in some cases entirely, Muslim. Please take time to.. Read More

Dream Bigger

Today I’d like to share a quote that stirs me, I pray it does the same for you: “More things are wrought by prayer than this world dreams of.” -Alfred, Lord Tennyson

Calling all youth of the nation…

Shockwave is an Underground initiative of the youth ministry of Open Doors and aims to involve young people across the globe! SHOCKWAVE kicks off in New Zealand and works its way across the time zones, literally covering the whole earth WITH PRAYER. It’s happening March 3 -5th. Get more info at

Happy New Year

Happy New Year Friends! It’s been a slow start for this blog, but I am glad to have it and thank those of you who have subscribed. I hope to write words of worth – faith, hope and love. A large aspect of the gap since I last wrote was due to our family and ministry moving across the country. We are now Ohio based, and thanking God for it!.. Read More

TMC partners with VOM, USA

Hello Friends! Yes! You DID SEE The Martyrs’ Cross in The Voice of the Martyrs’ September newsletter!! 🙂 Praise God with us as He has opened the door for a partnership between two ministries for His purposes on the earth in this day. He is calling many to remembrance and prayer. Rejoice with us as over the last month over 1200 Martyrs’ Cross pendants have dispersed across our world –.. Read More

It’s Our Honor!

It is really such a joy to my heart to be writing to so many of like mindedness and heart! Thank you so much for taking the time to read what’s on our heart. We hope to hear from you also! That is always such a treasure to us! I was just sending a short note out with a Martyrs’ Cross this evening and found myself repeating once again something.. Read More